Staff Corral

Welcome to the Staff Corral

Unlike a lot of boys and girls camps today, Prude Ranch really is a ranch. It was established in 1898 as a cattle ranch. John Robert and Betty Prude organized the summer camp program in 1951. The program first included boys only, but in 1955 it became co-ed. The emphasis at Prude Ranch Summer Camp is on good, clean, fun filled, busy days and old-fashioned companionship through a tremendous variety of outdoor activities.

Knowledge of camping in general is part of your job as a counselor. Kids come to camp to have fun, and at the same time, even though they are not aware of this, they will experience events that will endure a lifetime. You, in your counselor role, will share these experiences.

Staff Expectation & Requirements

Senior Counselors and Wranglers: Have to be 18 and have a year of college or work behind you.

Junior Counselor and Wrangler Level II: Have to be 18 and graduated High School.

Junior Counselor and Wrangler Level I: Have to be 17 by January 1 of current camp year.

Counselor In Training (CIT) Program: This program is for campers that turn 16 by January 1 of current camp year and would like to get a head start on becoming a counselor. If you are interested in this program, the first step is to write a letter explaining why you would like to take part in this program. Send letters to Kelly Boultinghouse, PO Box 1907, Fort Davis, TX 79734.

Online Account & Forms

To apply to work at camp, please create a Bunk1 account by clicking here. Once logged in you will be able to fill out the correct application for your desired position. If you would prefer to fill out a paper application, please click on the link below.

If you already have a Bunk1 account, you can simply login using your email address and password. Visit to login and click here if you need to reset your password.

On your Bunk1 account, you can fill out new applications, download forms, and view photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What 3 qualities make the best counselor?

One that is patient (sometimes you have to tell kids to do things more than once, one that is energetic (you will need lots of energy to STAY INVOLVED with your campers, and most importantly selfless (you will have to put your kids needs and wants FIRST).
+What does a typical day look like?

Your day will begin with Hitchin’ Post at 7:45AM. That is unless you have the Cityslickers for Advanced Campers and they feed and saddle at 7:00AM. Part of your day will be spent on horses while the other part will be spent teaching activities. You will have a chance to rest during the middle of the day. We have a night activity each evening which usually goes until 9:00PM.
+What do I need to know about this job?

It is the hardest job you will ever have but also the most rewarding. It is a HUGE responsibility. You need to understand the impact you will have on the kids you are caring for.
+Do I have to know how to ride?

Not necessarily. You do need to be prepared to ride and not be nervous around horses.
+Do I get to pick my co-counselors?

No. We will place you with who we think you will work well with.
+What age group will I work with?

There is a counselor information sheet that you will need to fill out with your age preference. Although we try to put you with the age you prefer, it doesn’t always work out that way so you need to be prepared to work with all ages.
+How many kids will be in my cabin?

Our cabins hold anywhere from 8 to 20 people. We keep our counselor to camper ratio at 1 to 5 and counselor to Cityslicker/ACP ratio at 1:8.
+What is your cell phone policy?

We do not allow you to have your cell phones out during camp activities. When you are off, you are welcome to check your messages. Again we do not want any distractions and need all your attention on your campers. Take advantage of being free from the real world.
+When do I get time off?

You usually get 2 hours off each day and a day off during every 2 week period.
+When do I get paid?

Checks are dated the 1st and 15th of the month but you will get your checks at the end of a session closest to these dates.
+Do I have to work all summer?

No, we definitely try to keep our staff as fresh as possible so we will offer partial summers. Although we do try to minimize counselors coming and leaving in the middle of a session.
+Can I bring my pet?

No. We do not allow pets. We need your full attention to be on you campers and it also becomes a liability issue.
+When is my paperwork due?

Your contract needs to be returned within a week of receiving it. Counselors have until June 1st to complete their personnel file.
+Do I have to have my CPR/First Aid Certification?

Yes. We require all of our staff to be CPR and First Aid Certified.
+I have another question. Who do I contact?

Please feel free to contact for any other questions!