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Why Prude Ranch Summer Camp?

Since 1951, Historic Prude Ranch has offered boys and girls a true 'Southwest' experience - wide open spaces, beautiful mountains, clear, pure air, pleasant temperatures and a sample of real ranch life. Today, six generations later, Prude Ranch Summer Camp is still a family affair and the children who come every summer leave with that close knit feeling of family participation, so important to their development.

what are people saying about PRSC?

“My daughter will be attending for her 3rd summer camp this year. She’s told me that if she could only have one thing given to her every year, it would be time at Prude Ranch Summer Camp. I’ve been impressed by how much she’s gained in maturity, self-confidence and socially each time that we’ve picked her up. She’s hoping to attend for two sessions next time! Added to that is that it’s one of the most affordable summer camps in the state, and the most beautiful. I encourage everyone to give Prude Ranch Summer Camp a try!”


“This place will become a second home to your kids. The friends stop being friends and become an extended family. Don’t pass up a chance to send your kids here, it might be one of the best things you could ever do for them.”


“The best experience of my childhood. Created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.”

Previous Camper


Camper Program Ages 7-13 spend part of each day riding the range, practicing for rodeo events or riding their horses through the mountains. The rest of the day is spent in instructional activity classes of their choice. Evening activities for all groups are always a surprise.

City Slicker Program Ages 12-13 spend even more time with the horses assigned to them. Activities are more advanced for this age group, and especially designed to develop leadership skills and promote self-confidence and self-esteem. Cityslickers will choose their activities the first week and then during the 2nd week, they will get to do more group/team building activities. Cityslickers also get to spend the night away from camp at Balmorhea State Park. Enrollment in this program is limited to 30 boys and 30 girls each session.

The Advanced Camper Program (ACPs) Ages 14-16 is designed for campers who still have not had enough Prude Ranch fun. They participate in ranch life which involves long trail rides in the mountains, learning to care for their horses, developing arena riding skills, skeet shooting, rappelling and a trip to Balmorhea State Park. ACP campers also have an out of camp trip that range from a 3 day trail ride campout to remote parts of the Davis Mountains, a Big Bend Excursion, or a Trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Enrollment is limited to 30 campers per session.

Dates & Rates

+1 Week Sessions

1 Week Sessions are designed for campers ages 7-13 whose parents feel that their camper is not ready for a longer program. In one week, campers explore many of the exciting activities centered around camp life. Basic riding skills will be introduced, and campers will participate in rodeo activities.

One Week Camp Dates – Campers ages 7-13:

June 11 – 17

June 18 – 24

July 16 – 22

July 30 – August 5

One Week Camp Tuition: $745.00

+2 Week Sessions

2 Week Sessions offer a complete experience in camp activities and full participation in horseback riding and rodeo experiences. This program is for Campers ages 7-16. They will be grouped in Camper, City Slicker, and Advanced Camper groups.

Two Week Camp Dates: Campers (ages 7-11) and Cityslickers (ages 12-13):

July 9 – 22

July 23 – August 5

Two Week Camp Tuition: 

Camper Program (Ages 7-11) $1450.00

City Slickers (Ages 12-13) $1550.00

Two Week Camp Dates: Campers (ages 7 – 13) and Advanced Campers (ages 14-16):

**No Cityslickers during these dates (ages 12 – 13 will be campers)

June 11 – June 24

June 25 – July 8

Two Week Camp Tuition:

Camper Program (Ages 7-13) $1450.00

Advanced Campers (Ages 14-16) $1600.00

Activities & Schedules

Because Prude Ranch is a working ranch, our most popular activities center around horses. Each camper is assigned a horse for the duration of the session and according to his or her age and expertise, is responsible for its care. (Much thought is given to the pairing of child and horse.)

Instructional Activities – Here at Prude Ranch Campers have the CHOICE of four activities they wish to participate. Every camper is unique!  That is why we offer a wide variety of activities that are sure to spark the interest of your camper.  These activities depend on our staff and what they can teach but our goal is to have lots of choices.

Night Activities – Every evening the whole camp comes together to participate in one of our evening activities, this is a time for everyone to socialize together in healthy competition.

Browse through some of the activities that may be offered →


+A Day in the Life of a CAMPER

7:45 Hitchin’ Post

8:00 Flag Pole

8:15 Breakfast

8:45 Cabin Clean-UP

9:30 Horseback Ride

11:30 Crackerjacks

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Rest Period

3:00 PX

3:30 Instructional Activities (4 at 45 min each)

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Evening Activity

10:00 Camper Lights Out

Boys and Girls are split for riding and activities but will do most evening activities together.  This is an example of one camper’s schedule.  If girls are riding in the morning then boys will do instructional activities in the morning and then they will switch in the afternoon with boys riding and girls in activities.

+A Day in the Life of a CITYSLICKER

7:00 Feed and Saddle

7:45 Hitchin’ Post

8:00 Flag Pole

8:15 Breakfast

8:45 Cabin Clean-UP

9:30 Horseback Ride

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Rest Period

3:00 PX

3:30 Instructional Activities (4 at 45 min each)

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Evening Activity

10:30 Cityslicker Lights Out

The first week of a Cityslicker session is much like a camper.  They will be in instructional activities with other Cityslickers and it is CoEd.  The riding groups will rotate their riding time each day in order to give each group a chance to saddle and unsaddle.  The second week of a Cityslicker session is much more like an Advanced Camper.  The riding schedule stays the same but Cityslickers will get to do more group activities like challenge course, hike to town, and beep baseball in place of instructional activities.  This group will also camp in Balmorhea for one night.

+A Day in the Life of an ADVANCED CAMPER

7:00 All ACPs to Red Barn to Feed

7:30 Hitchin’ Post

7:45 Flag Pole

8:00 Breakfast

8:30 Cabin Clean-UP

9:00 Horseback Ride

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Rest Period

3:00 PX

3:30 Group Activity

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Evening Activity

11:00 ACP Lights Out

The Advanced Campers are split into 2 groups and one will ride in the morning and one in the afternoon and they will switch each day.  Group activities may include Challenge Course, Paintball, Run and Gun, and softball in town.

Frequently Asked Questions

+Opening Day

Opening Day – We begin registration at 2:00PM. If you arrive before 2:00PM, you will have to wait. Once we start registration, it should not take you more than an hour to get campers moved in and settled. During check you will visit the camp nurse, make a deposit in the camp bank, and stop at the camp administration table to be sure all paperwork is in. We ask that all campers are in and settled by 5:00PM so we can LET THE CAMP FUN BEGIN.
+Closing Weekend

Rodeos will begin at 2:00 on the final Friday of each session.  Rodeo Order will be Camper Girls, Camper Boys, and then Cityslicker/ACP.  We invite you to be our guests for a family BBQ on Friday evening between 5:00 and 7:00.  Campers will then enjoy one more fun night of camp and then we will have an awards ceremony beginning at 9:00 Saturday morning.  The program is usually over by 10:30 and you should easily be able to be loaded and on your way home by noon.

Midland International Airport – On Sunday, the first day of each camp session, Prude Ranch will have staff at Midland International Airport from 10:20 am until the last arrival. Because campers need to be in camp as soon as possible after 2:00 on the Sunday that each session begins, we encourage the earlier flights. Prude Staff will be on hand to meet campers, “corral” them, and help get their luggage loaded for the trip to the ranch. To reserve a spot on the Prude Ranch charter service, Parents must send a COPY OF ITINERARY which will include flight number and arrival/departure times of camper we are to meet. Prude charter service from Midland International to Prude Ranch is $75 per camper. The itinerary and shuttle fee are due 2 weeks before arrival date. Make sure your camper has pocket change for lunch and snack money for the trip to camp. The pocket change is not part of the camp bank money. You can fax information to 432 426-3502 or email
+Midland/Odessa Area Campers

Midland/Odessa Area Campers – Prude Ranch arranges for transportation for campers from the Permian Basin area. The charge is $75 per camper due 2 weeks before arrival date. Also, campers will need some extra pocket change for the trip to the ranch, because the bus will make rest stops along the way. PARENTS, PLEASE DROP A NOTE OR CALL THE RANCH OFFICE TO TELL US WHO WILL BE RIDING THE BUS AND WHERE TO EXPECT THEM TO BOARD!!! Make a reservation at least 2 weeks before camp time. Call 432 426-4406.
The following “pick-up” places are as follows:
MIDLAND: Sam’s Wholesale Club Parking lot, 1500 Tradewind Blvd.
ODESSA: McDonald’s Restaurant, Hwy 191 (42nd Street near Home Depot)
MONAHANS: Mc Donald’s just off I-20
PECOS: Flying J Truck Stop
+El Paso Area Campers

El Paso Area Campers – Prude Ranch arranges for transportation each session from El Paso. Campers from El Paso will be picked up the beginning of each camp session from the parking lot across from the St. Clements Youth Activity Center on 620 Yandell between 10:00 and 10:30 Sunday Morning. Prude Ranch Staff members will be wearing Prude Ranch Staff shirts and will have lists of campers they are to meet. The charge will be $75.00 per camper due 2 weeks before camper arrival. Please call the camp office 432-426-4406 to reserve a spot on the shuttle at least 2 weeks prior to your camp session. There will be a refreshment stop on the way to the ranch, so make sure your camper has pocket change. This is not part of their camp bank money. Camp counselors will supervise the trip, and there will be camp representatives to help with loading and answering any questions. Prude Ranch does not offer any returning shuttle to El Paso following the camp session.
+Bunkmate Requests

There is a spot on the registration form for a bunkmate request.  As long as the kids are within a year, we should be able to honor this request.  If you have already registered and need to add a request late, please just send an email to
+Medical Staff

Medical Staff – We do have at least 1 registered nurse on site twenty-four hours a day during camp. Our nurses station is prepared to handle the normal bumps and bruises of camp life.
Our wonderful camp nurses will contact you:
– If your child spends the night in Walnut (Our Nurse’s Cabin).
– If your child has a schedule change due to an illness or injury.
– If your child requires off site care.
– If your child repeatedly visits the Nurse’s Station with the same complaint.
+Off Site Medical Attention

Off Site Medical Attention – Prude Ranch Summer Camp does not provide medical, accident, or illness insurance coverage. Our local clinic and hospital require a photocopy of the insurance card (front and back) in order to process claims. Parents will be responsible for payment at time of service. We will make every effort to contact you before your child arrives at an off site care facility, although we will not delay care if we cannot reach you.
+Medical Forms

Medical Forms – MEDICAL FORMS must be completed, signed, and on file in our Camp Office at least two weeks prior to your camper’s start date. Please make sure that you have the medical form completed with a current copy of your camper’s physical, shot record, a copy of your insurance card, permission to treat, and parent’s itinerary with contact numbers. The Texas State Health Department requires that we have a new medical form on file each year, so last year’s forms are not valid.
+Bringing Medications to Camp

Bringing Medications to Camp – Every Camper will visit the nurse during check in and parents will be given an opportunity to discuss any concerns with our camp nurse. If you camper has daily or as needed medications to take while at camp, here are the rules:
2. By Law, Nurses must administer medication according to the dosing instructions on the original container. If your child’s physician has changed the original dosage then be sure to bring a prescription stating the new orders. This is the same for pharmaceutical samples. We need a Doctor’s order to allow our nurse to administer.
3. The prescription must be prescribed to your camper. For example we cannot give a siblings medication even if it is the same.
4. Send enough medication to last the entire camp session.
5. NO medication is allowed in the cabins (this includes over the counter, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, supplements, or inhalers)
+Dance Themes

June 11 – 17…Neon/Glow in the Dark

June 18 – 24…50s Sock Hop

June 25 – July 1…4th of July

July 2 – 8…Masquerade

July 9 – 15…Safari

July  16 – 22…Toga

July 23 – 29…Christmas in July

July 30 – Aug. 5…Boots and Boxers


It is not unusual for a camper to miss home. We do keep our campers very active during the day. We will challenge your camper to remain positive and to continue to participate and make the best of their camp experience. If the homesickness continues, we will notify a parent and ask for any special advice or tips that might help.
+Mail and Bunk Notes

We encourage you to write your campers often. Camp mail can be a little slow so we suggest mailing letters early or planning ahead and bringing them when you drop of your camper. Please be sure that your camper’s name and the day you want it delivered is easy to find.

Bunk Notes are another wonderful option. These are one-way messages that you can send through your Bunk1 account. As long as you send the message before noon, it will be delivered that same day right after dinner. If you need assistance with your Bunk1 account, please contact them at 888-465-2267 or


Campers are allowed one package per week. Please do not include any peanut products.
+Tribe and Ranch Preference

If this is your first year, you may leave this question blank. Once a camper has been branded into their tribe/ranch, they will be able to tell you their preference.
+Spending Money

During camper arrival, parents need to plan a stop at the “Camp Bank” to deposit $10 to $15 cash (in small bills) per week. This
money will be used for town trips. At the end of the session, campers will withdraw the remaining balance to take home.
+Another Question

Please feel free to contact us!

You can email: or call us at 432-426-4406

Online Account & Forms

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On your Bunk1 account, you can fill out new applications, make payments, download forms, view photos, and send Bunk Notes.

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