History of Prude Ranch

Historic Prude Guest Ranch has combined the best of the modern world with old west wilderness to create a fun packed western vacation for children or the entire family. Prude Ranch was established over 100 years ago as a cattle ranch. For the last eighty years, six generations of Prudes have run the ranch as both guest ranch and working cattle ranch.
Grandmother Prude came to Fort Davis over 100 years ago, with her parents, in a covered wagon. The soldiers of Old Fort Davis had to protect them from Indians along their journey. Her marriage to Andrew G. Prude in 1896 began the legacy of the present Prude Ranch operation.
John G. “Big Spurs” Prude was the second generation to get involved, and sat high in the saddle for over 90 years, riding with the boys and girls every day, each summer and with all ranch guests during the year.
The legacy lives on, John Robert and Betty Prude, the third generation, began Prude Ranch Summer Camp for Boys and Girls. The first camp session back in 1951 entertained a group of 18 boys. John Robert was head counselor and Betty was camp administrator, and chief cook. Both were teachers during the winter, but spent summers watching this West Texas camp enrollment grow during the month of June. Because the boys were getting to play cowboy, sisters in camp families wanted to get in on some of that fun, so in 1955 Prude Ranch Summer Camp included girls as well. Changes really began to take place! Camp staff numbers increased, additional bunkhouses were built, the only real swimming pool with circulating heated water in the entire county was built, a camp dining room was erected, more horses and saddles were added to the remuda, and the Prude family began to grow with the arrival of the fourth generation Chipper, Andy, Charles, and Jaynellen.
By late 1970’s Prude Ranch Summer Camp families could be found all over Texas, Mexico, and even north of the Mason Dixon Line. The fifth generation of Prudes include Kelly Ann, Stephen, Phillip, Abby, Tori, Jayne Betts, Heidi Lynn, Cora, Hunter, Alyssa, Tanner, Grayson. Yes, Prudes are beginning yet another generation with Faith Ann, Gracie, Tenley, Harper, Olivia, Charlotte, Rhylee Rae and Andrew Hudson! All lend helping hands to make Prude Ranch Summer Camp the special place for “cowgirls and cowboys”!!!
Historic Prude Guest Ranch has also evolved into accommodating many other activities year-round such as hosting the Texas Star Party each year, providing organized horseback riding sessions for vacationers in the area, hosting many fellowship groups, public and private schools attend our outdoor education program, birding, excursions, corporate retreats, family reunions and vacations, sports fitness and medicine camps, square dancers, cycle-fests, RV rallies and AA conferences.

Today, Prude Guest Ranch is one of the few places left in the southwest where children and adults can enjoy wide-open spaces, scenic mountain ranges, pure air, and pleasant temperatures.